Web Development- Flat is the new Black

Last time, we talked about how important it is for any business organisation, start-up, freelancer or a small corporation to have a digital presence. For a customer, not being able to track their favourite organisation online is like meeting your soulmate before they disappear from your life without leaving a trace behind. Before, of course, they move on to the next person and then the person after that. Not exactly optimising, is it? Which is why, it is so important for any business to have a website that provides all the information that a user might need and has a total sense of simplicity.

In continuation to our previous post where we mentioned that we would be talking about four different aspects of website development throughout the week. We first talked about the ease of access offered through an easy navigation menu as well as seamless scrolling. Moving on to the second trend, allow us to focus on the not-so-new trend that is of “flat one page” designs on any webpage.

This trend has been around for a long time now but recently, there has been a sudden influx in the number of websites that have adopted this designing method and have successfully managed to generated more profit than the websites that have not implemented this trend. Flat one page websites are great for the sole purpose of the fact that it reduces clutter and allows the web owner to display only that information that he deems necessary. The use of parallax in the one page design can create an interactive story of sorts in the minds of the users and make a lasting impression on those who visit the website. Such websites are known to appeal to customers more because they tend to keep the unnecessary weeds out of the newsfeed and focus only on the important aspects they provide, tasks that they perform and products that they offer.

Needless to say, it can also be a relief for web developers as well, because this design requires the minimal amount of energy and time than multiple page websites. It is also a cheaper option for the web owners. It is perfect for freelancers, small-scale agencies and others that don’t wish to spend as much money on websites as they would want to.

With that, we close on the topic of Flat One Page Design.

Stay tuned for the next part in The Craft of Website Development.