”Your content is your product. Your marketing success depends on how you package and position the product”.

Any marketer who would want his company to fare well in the competitiveness of a uniquely open online market would know that his/her only success mantra is, “Before you sell anything, you must create genuine value”.

In an online territory where 200 million internet users are using ad-blockers, organic traffic is the sole way to get out of the world of average sales. Organic traffic is a result of the likeness and relevance of the content among users. This leads to better website ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO rewards businesses publishing quality, consistent content. It basically highlights the content of your webpage to the search engines and therefore, through effective and qualitative content that includes all the necessary information and keywords especially related to one common subject, you can get your company a higher ranking, more visitors skimming through your pages and consequently increasing sales. This, my friend, is Content Marketing in brief; one of the most rapidly developing marketing strategies waiting to be adopted, developed by millions more.

Statistics show that 74% of consumers will buy goods from those who educate them on it. When it comes to an average consumer and his financial decision, he would mot make a bad choice, lose money and hurt his financial security. This is the blatant psychology behind developing content marketing strategies. A consumer wants to know what he is purchasing and you want him to purchase from you every time he wants to. There is barter between knowledge and loyalty. When you bridge the gap between the question asked and the answers provided to help them avoid pitfalls, you automatically become a trusted resource and foster brand loyalty.

Some examples of content marketing are blogs, websites, videos, newsletters, etc. anything that qualifies your product and intercepts the demand rather than creates new demand. In simple terms, you are using a form of technology to provide the consumers with efficient and effective information about the product that would give them a detailed overview of the product and also spark interest in other familiar fields of the same webpage or a different one. While employing such a strategy, it is necessary to connect to people for retaining a large user base and perhaps expanding it too.

The primary step is to gain the love and loyalty of the consumer and then eventually increase sales. ”Eventuality” thus, makes it a long-term yet reliable marketing strategy. The readers like features and stories, something that they can relate to. Otherwise they won’t bother reading it. The median time people spend on articles is 37 seconds which shows that you have got just about that much to make the reader believe that your site is worth the visit. Relevant and valuable content thus becomes very important. You first entice the consumer into your area of expertise, then win his/her trust for your product’s value and use, increase your brand name and subsequently get a higher ranking by SEO.

In all the above constituents of content marketing, the main essence of the strategy is self-explanatory: Content. While creating content, some producers hire marketing firms whereas some start their own publishing house. Statistics show that content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more traffic than non-readers. People who craft valuable, compelling content that gets to the heart of the readers inevitably experience more site growth. Few other perks of content marketing are:

  • Relatively cheaper than traditional ways of advertising: While it costs 62% less than outbound marketing, it generates more than three times as many leads
  • Easy to begin with
  • Content marketing is becoming more popular due to social media and it thus increases your brand name.
  • Ensures high search engine rankings because of relevant and qualitative information
  • Powerful content generates consumers that are loyal to the brand and love the brand. Because this is long-term, it generates a long-lasting user base
  • Consumer Satisfaction: Traditional marketing talks at people and content marketing talks with people. Their feedback, suggestions are taken into account, which not only make them feel included and valuable, it also helps you build better products.
  • Transparency: If relevant, featured, timely, story-based and useful content is being used for marketing, the consumer gets connected and starts trusting the brand.

All the above advantages give major importance to one unit: the consumers. Worry about your audience and let us worry about your content. Because, at Write Side Up, we not only aim to provide all the digital marketing services under one roof and help customers outshine their competitions, we also provide a wide array of services pertaining to the growth of your industry.

With steadfast and undeviating communication clubbed with outstanding customer services, we aim to provide unrivalled customer satisfaction keeping in mind all the intricacies of the art of marketing. Get in touch with us for further details.