The Internet is a strange place – you are going to find lots of excellent advices here as well as worse advices. This is especially true for content marketing. The reason is that there are many people who simply have no knowledge or experience of this field, and they start writing a blog hoping that they would get popular. Now, some people are bound to read these articles and then they too start spreading these lies. You need to keep yourselves away from these if you want to be successful.

Here is a list of top 10 worse advices we have ever heard about content marketing.

1. Creating content is enough
This has to be one of the worst advices that is often heard regarding content marketing. Many fake gurus believe that content marketing is one of the easiest tasks in this world, and that you don’t need to exert yourself to become successful in this field. Simply create content and watch the magic happen.
Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work that way. If creating content would have simply worked, content marketing wouldn’t be a term even. You need to do a lot more after creating content. Promoting is extremely crucial in this aspect. There are other factors as well such as effective call to actions (CTA), targeting the correct audience and getting popular on social media channels which play a vital role in content marketing.

2. Achieving results in a day
If you have been in this field of content marketing for a few years, I am sure that you have heard this term countless number of times. This literally makes us cringe every time we hear it. What’s worse is the fact that people actually believe this is possible.
Well, in case you believe this, you should know that it isn’t true at all. You simply cannot create quality content in a day, it takes a lot of time. Moreover, promoting takes even more time. You cannot simply build your credibility and reputation in a single day; it takes a lot of time, sometimes several months even. People simply won’t trust you in a matter of a few days. A client base is extremely important and gradually you need to increase it to expand your business.

3. Content quality doesn’t matter as long as you are regular
Another worse advice is that the quality of your content doesn’t matter at all, what matters is if you are regular. Some people even believe that the more frequently you post content, the faster your business and trust will grow. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work.
This advice actually does more harm than help. When you are constantly posting content without caring about the quality, your quality obviously takes a massive hit. Sometimes, people even just copy and paste content from other websites. Google doesn’t take this kind of plagiarised content lightly, not only is that webpage where the plagiarised content is, gets moved down in the search results, the entire website loses a lot of trust. This means that even if you try to post quality content from next time, your website still won’t return its initial higher rank. Building trust takes a long time, but it can be broken in a matter of seconds.

4. Targeting audience isn’t necessary
Another major advice which is often heard when talking about content writing solutions, but doesn’t hold true. In fact, targeting your audience is one of the most important things in content marketing. So why do people still believe this?
This advice is mainly given by companies which are involved in content writing and aren’t willing to put in the extra effort. These companies try to convince their customers that any random content related to the business is fine, and targeting the audience simply requires more time, but won’t really help much.
Let me explain why this doesn’t make sense. Suppose your business is mainly for adults aged between 40 to 60. However, you are writing content which isn’t targeted at all, even worse most of your content is for adults aged below 30. This creates a disparity between your blog and business model. Targeting the audience is critical, if you want to succeed in this competitive world, since otherwise you won’t be able to expand your business at the optimum rate.

5. Regularity in content writing is not important
Just as some people believe that quantity is more important, there are others who believe that quality is supreme and quantity doesn’t matter at all. They are true to an extent; quality is important but if you are sacrificing too much quantity for slight improvements in quality, that needs to change.
Even more important is regularity. Being regular means that your rank in Google will be much higher. Consider this example. Suppose you write content on Monday and then don’t write anything for 4 days and then again post two articles on Saturday. That is being irregular and can hurt your Google rank. Moreover, if you are regular your readers also will have an idea of when you are going to post the next article, so that they can visit your website during that time. Just remember that quality is important, quantity is slightly less important but regularity is crucial. Write your own schedule and try to stick to it as much as possible.

6. Duplicate content is perfectly fine
When you are researching about content writing, you are bound to see some articles which claim that duplicate content is fine. Their style of writing might make them seem knowledgeable in this field, and so many people blindly assume that they are right. However, you should know that this is a lie that has going on in this industry for several years.
Duplicate content might sound very lucrative; after all you can easily publish content fast in this way. But Google doesn’t prefer duplicate content, and they will severely punish these websites. If your blog is full of such duplicate content, Google might even mark your website as spam and might penalise you even more. That is why using duplicate content is just calling for trouble. You need to have Google on your side, so always delete any duplicate content left on your site.

7. No need to promote in social media
A rather popular advice in content writing is to stay away from social media. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that this advice is mainly given by people who still follow the old rules of content marketing. They believe that social media is a waste of time, and relying on Google itself is enough. They are completely wrong, because nowadays there is tremendous competition so you need all the help that you can get.
Also, Google factors back links into their ranking algorithm, so if your post gets lots of likes on Facebook and retweets on Twitter you can be sure that your rank will significantly improve.

8. Old content marketing strategies still work
This definitely sounds great, since in that case, you no longer need to update yourselves constantly. But unfortunately, it is a lie. People who don’t want to keep themselves updated try to spread this myth and fool others.
The truth is that content marketing is constantly changing. This is dynamic in the sense that newer and better strategies are coming up every couple of years. This is also because newer social media websites are emerging. The end result is that those who follow the old school methods lag behind.

9. All social media channels are important
When you will search how to promote content on social media, you will probably find an advice suggesting that you need to be on every social media channel. Now, that is a complete lie. The reason is that a particular social media website caters to a particular type of website. Facebook and Twitter might be considered exceptions since they have a huge user base.
However, other social media channels like LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. are different. LinkedIn is better for some technology or business oriented promotion, while Pinterest and YouTube might be better if you are involved in photography, art or related fields. Promoting on every media channel takes time, and won’t give you the same results. So ensure that you are only promoting on those channels that are important for you.

10. Same strategies work for everyone
Another worse advice although less known of is that same strategies work for everyone. Now, if you just use your common sense you will know that is absurd. Different business models have different requirements and you need to adjust your strategies accordingly. There are too many factors involved such as audience, type of product etc. which means that a single unique strategy can never work for everyone. Stay away from websites which provide such advice.

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