This is purely the need of the hour. SEO techniques are evolving, tactics are changing but there is one thing that remains constant and that is Content. If you have good quality content, you will be ranked high on Google. Of course there are various other factors that add up to get you a higher rank but these factors are always changing.

In order to surface as a top contender when a search query is typed related to your niche, focus on building content strategies rather than building SEO strategies. This does not mean that SEO strategies should not be paid heed to but brands can make a plan and integrate the two. What you can do is-

1. Create an end-to-end keyword list. Opt for a comprehensive keyword research and list down all the keywords that are trending and related to your business. Long tail keywords have proved to be very efficient so tweak these by putting yourself in the shoes of the user typing in the search query. Trends keep changing so this list needs to be updated from time to time.
2. Once you know the keywords that are meant for your business, analyze where you stand in terms of ranking on Google. Look at the positions of your customers. Once you know this, you can go ahead and build a content strategy that will make you rise to the top.
3. Once you have this, you need to prioritize the keywords. Decide what keyword will be used in what content type and across what channel. Create a calendar that will constitute your entire plan. This will help you while creating the content.

These are intense measures that need to be taken if you want higher rankings. You will have to keep a track of the positions of keywords on search engines, leads you are getting through organic search, rankings of your page and bounce rates or the time visitors are spending on your site.

Once you get your hands on this data, you will be able to put a finger on what worked and what didn’t. Deploy the tricks that worked over other social media sites to yield higher returns. Content does not offer results overnight but it does offer them in due time. Stay focused and work towards your target because Content will make you the King.