Digital Marketing- Write Side Up

The education sector is a perfect competition today. Both, the number of students looking for institutions and the institutions themselves, are at a constant rise, making it absolutely essential for any private player in the market to reach out to students and inform them about what they’d gain from their institution.

This, however, is tough when all the advertising platforms have your competitors crowding the reader space.
In this tough competition, looking for a new and advanced way to communicate with the young audience of the educational institutions, the founders of Unipro Education Pvt. Ltd. stumbled upon a huge virgin platform of advertisement by educational institutions, i.e., digital marketing.

Establishing The Idea

The establishment of Unipro began with a 3-member team, all experienced in the fields of education and media. This has today grown up to a 32-member team. The founders recollect various challenges they faced while building their business.
The first one, as is with every business based on a new idea, was that of spreading awareness among the clients. Since digital marketing was an evolving concept and still unheard of in many circles, including the educational sector, it was tough to explain to the clients how, even though they aren’t big fans of this, their target audience was crazy about internet in today’s era.

Secondly, organizing a team required people with a unique skillset, an experience in the education sector as well as in that of media. For those who were more technical in their qualifications, getting them to understand the intricacies of the education market.

Finally, achieving their goal of minimum media wastage and maximum returns for the clients required a specific focus on the target audience and to make sure they get influenced by the content and marketing. This required an extensive market research and creativity on the part of the team.

However, with the help of the financial support of the investors and their human resources which are dedicated to spread awareness on the working of the business and how a prospective client could benefit from such services, the company has now started reporting profits on its balance sheet and is successfully managing more than a hundred clients spread across various countries.

How They Work

The working of Unipro can be judged from a simple case study of a premiere MBA institution that has hired the company for its digital media campaign.

This digital media campaign comprised of content targeting the age group of 20 to 24 years of age and worked mainly towards increasing the visibility of the brand name on social media platforms.

This exercise has led to a whopping 8 per cent increase in the demand of the institution among the prospective students.
Even though digital marketing is their forte and a selling point, the services provided by Unipro exceed far more than that. They help their clients build an online platform, which converts all the formalities of enrolment into an online portfolio requiring just few clicks on the computer and going through an online secured payment gateway in order to obtain admission in the institutions. This has helped them convert many leads into enrolments in virtually no time and with very little effort.