Video Marketing is one of the most trending techniques of internet marketing. In the simplest of terms, video marketing is promoting or marketing your product or brand through a video. It’s increased popularity lies in the meteoric rate at which its use is rising. A video is visual, aural and conceptual experience, which can generate a good amount of leads and conversions for your company when used effectively.

The best part of video marketing is that it can be molded according to your company’s objectives. For example, if your company wants to target increasing sales, the video can be about instructions to use a particular product or its benefits. If your company wants to increase its popularity, the video can consist of information or an overview about the company. Video marketing in a way combines your company’s message with a great deal of visually appealing apparatus increasing consumer engagement because of its obvious visual and auditory interaction.

Few ways in which video marketing can be used is as follows:
1. The company can create a YouTube channel and keep updating it regularly with sufficient steps taken to increase the number of subscribers.
2. The company can add a video to its own website.
3. Videos can be incorporated in emails sent for getting subscribers through email marketing.
4. Using videos to exhibit data on user engagement for a better impact on targeted audience and potential customers.
5. Video Sales letters.

These are the most tried-and-testing ways of video marketing that can definitely increase your sales and generate leads. And if you still aren’t convinced to use this strategy to improve your business, here is why you should definitely reconsider your decision:

1. Video Sales Letters generate more conversions and leads than text sales letters. This means the proportion of your VSL viewers who can be converted into potential customers is more than that of TSL viewers.
2. There are over 1 billion people on YouTube. The amount of people that can be reached out to is too high to ignore! Moreover, YouTube is the second largest search engine owned by Google. A little bit of video SEO can get you higher rankings on Google too.
3. 80% people remember the video ads that they watch as compared to written ones. Video marketing is the way to increase your brand’s popularity!
4. It is estimated that 90% of all the internet traffic will be directed to videos. That is a huge percentage of people which will not be catered to if video marketing strategies are not employed by your company!
5. Even small businesses can do it. In fact, it is the best way for small companies to market their products for sales and popularity. Visuals speak volumes! It is the best way to engage current customers and attract new ones.
6. Everyone loves videos. All types of age groups watch videos. Because of this, the audience increases. The more the audience, more possibilities of potential customers. Moreover, every social media allows for videos to be uploaded. Thus, video marketing can make a lot of possibilities come to life!
7. It is the best way to give full information about your product in the most interesting way. The customers know what your product is before buying it because of which the chances of negative feedback decrease. A video uses emotion, excitement, music, humor and even a social message if need be. It is flexible and equally likable. Videos can be changed to suit the changing trends and current updates.

Thus, video marketing provides entertainment, education and engagement. It is definitely a wise decision to employ video marketing to add that extra bit of effort needed to take your company to a new level altogether. And the best part is video marketing has that potential! And you don’t even have to go looking for reliable agencies to provide you with video marketing services at a customized price model that suits your company.

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