The development of Cortana, Siri and Google Now has led to an increase in voice searches worldwide. Google recently reported that more than 55% of teenagers and 41% adults use voice searches several times daily. This change has a major effect on all content marketing strategies, and if you can understand this properly, it can boost your search engine ranks immensely.

Decrease In Keyword Search Leads To Decrease In Traffic To Keyword Optimized Sites

Voice search means asking questions to find results rather than keywords. This completely bypasses the long-tail search strategies that most marketers use. People are asking questions like they would ask some other person, in full sentences. Hence, keyword optimized sites are receiving less traffic.

The Need To Adjust

Content marketers need to adjust to this change, by focusing less on keywords and more on sentences. You need to change your mindset to that of a journalist and ask the who, where and what questions in every post to get better results.

How To Take Advantage?

1. Check the most common questions that your visitors ask
You need to see what kind of questions they ask on Quora and Reddit, comments on other sites like Yelp and Amazon. You can also analyze the social media accounts for more information. You should also think of implementing a Q&A section in your website.

2. Check the results when these questions are asked on Siri, Cortana and Google Now
Analyzing the results will help you understand your competition. If you find that their sites are lacking information, you need to implement that in your site to defeat them.

3. Add content so that those questions can be answered in simple and easy terms
You need to add direct answers to those questions on your websites. But, that won’t make the content interesting. So, once you have answered directly, then you can add more content regarding that information. Keep the “who”, “what” and “where” in mind while writing for your website. Also, add content which answers “how to” questions on that topic.

4. Local voice search
For people who have businesses with physical locations such as a restaurant or a flower shop, they can implement local voice search. There is a possibility that people are looking for best restaurants or shops in their locality. You should check that your business with its physical location is listed in Google search when such questions are asked.

Voice Search Is Being Used Extensively During Product Research

According to reports, more than 50% people have resorted to voice search during product research. Hence, marketers need to design strategies keeping this in mind.

Digital And Content Marketing Benefits
If you start implementing these changes right now in your website, you will be able to beat your competition and get more traffic from these voice search results.

Benefits To Business
By adjusting your mindset to voice search, you are thinking from the viewpoint of a customer and not a marketer. This means you will understand the needs of your customer better, which will help in improving your previous products and also provide you ideas for new ones. .

The ultimate advice is that you need to write your content in such a way so that it answers these questions better. To be honest, it is extremely difficult to tell what the future of marketing will be since there will be several other changes. Newer strategies are being developed as well. Conversational search can also dramatically change digital strategies.